Domain Register: Domain Name News Archive - May 1998
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Domain Name News Archive - May 1998

  • Network Solutions Inc. shares fell as much as 10 percent after White House Internet aide Ira Magaziner said Tuesday that plans for an international non-profit panel to reside over assignment of domain names would be ready later this week.

    .... full story

  • A senior adviser to President Bill Clinton said yesterday that he hoped a revised plan for reforming the Internet address system would dispel European and Australian concerns that it was too U.S.-dominated.

    .... full story


  • As soon as this week, the Clinton Administration will release its final plan for reshaping the sweeping system for designating and assigning addresses across the Internet.

    .... full story


  • As the U.S. government puts the final touches on its Internet domain names transition plan, future arguments will likely return to what this is really about - the provisioning of IP addresses

    .... full story


  • The Clinton administration has gotten an earful from concerned foreign officials and other interested parties about its January proposal for the Internet's domain-name system. The biggest general complaint, voiced by both the European Union and the government of Australia: The draft concentrated too much Internet control in the United States.

    .... full story

  • European Union Commissioner Martin Bangemann said he expected the United States to present new plans soon to loosen its grip over the Internet domain name system after Europe criticized an earlier U.S. plan.

    .... full story

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