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Domain Name News Archive - December 1999

  • ICANN Follows WIPO Lead on Cyber-Squatting Cases
    With a nod toward the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced plans to use an arbitration panel to resolve disputes over domain name ownership before cases reach the courts.
    .... full story


  • No Sales At Domain Auction
    A high-profile auction of some marketing-friendly domain names didn't lure any buyers this week, but that doesn't mean there isn't big money in that kind of virtual real estate, says one of the principals behind the event.
    .... full story

  • Y2K evangelist seeks 1M for domain
    After six years of creating awareness of possible Y2K glitches as the result of the date rollover from 1999 to 2000, Canadian computer consultant Peter de Jager says his work is nearly done and he's ready to cash in his URL.
    .... full story

  • ICANN Cairo Promises Fireworks
    When the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) powwows in Cairo, Egypt next March, one of the most contentious issues in the brief history of the domain name system (DNS) debate will likely take center stage, ICANN President Mike Roberts told Newsbytes today.
    .... full story


  • What’s in a domain name?
    Generic Web domains can yield big bucks -- but avoid those legal pitfalls
    .... full story

  • NSI To Separate Its Internet Registrar, Registry Services
    Internet registrar Network Solutions Inc. said Wednesday its board authorized a two-for-one stock split and plans to hire financial advisers to separate its registrar services and domain name registry as part of its agreement with the federal government and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. NSI filed for an offering of 7.73 million shares.
    .... full story


  • Airline Wins Domain Case
    Australia's largest airline, Qantas Airways, has wrestled control of an Internet domain name from a cybersquatter after it won an important court case in New Zealand.
    .... full story

  • Master of Domains, but Not AOL's
    For the past three days, Sahar Sarid thought he might become a very, very rich man. Early Saturday morning--about 4 a.m. Texas time--the 25-year-old computer programmer was sitting at his terminal trying to think of Internet domain names that he could buy for the standard $70 fee and sell at a huge profit to large corporations desperate to market their online sites with punchy names.
    .... full story

  • ICANN Enacts Arbitration Process
    The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers Tuesday made changes to its procedures governing the resolution of domain name disputes.
    .... full story

  • ICANN selects cybersquatting abitrator
    The Minneapolis-based National Arbitration Forum has been selected by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as one of the organizations that will oversee arbitration in cybersquatting disputes.
    .... full story


  • New Domain May Unite Europe
    In the brand-obsessed world of Internet domain registration, European companies have often found themselves in a quandary.
    .... full story


  • HMO sues charity over domain name
    A large Californian health maintenance organisation is suing a health charity because it wants its internet domain name.
    .... full story


  • NSI suspends its dispute-resolution policy
    Network Solutions has sent a letter to all parties who have requested invocation of NSI's Domain Name Dispute Policy, informing them that the policy will be superseded on 1 January 2000 by ICANN's new Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy. NSI will not begin any new proceedings under the old DNDP
    .... full story



  • Bill Gates domain 'for sale' at £2m
    According to the weekend UK press, Bill Gates is trying to stop an anonymous "entrepreneur" auctioning for something in the region of £2 million. But seriously folks, it's extremely doubtful either that the domain is really for sale at this price tag or that Gates and his merry men have the slightest intention of stopping any sale happening.
    .... full story


  • Domain Winner Loses Big
    John McLanahan is an MBA student, half way to a degree at one of the most prestigious business schools in the country. But lately his schooling has come from domain registrar Network Solutions. And he's not liking the lessons.
    .... full story

  • Toying with Domain Names
    The corporation-mocking Internet artists behind Swiss-based etoy can feel the groundswell of support welling up behind them in their dramatic court battle with the Rock & Roll Elmo-pushers at
    .... full story


  • Oracle goes domain names shopping
    Preparing for a business-to-business push, the database maker buys up, and, among others.
    .... full story


  • Liikanen confident of dot-eu domain name approval
    Erkki Liikanen, European Commissioner for Enterprise and IT, has announced that the Commission will back the introduction of a dot-eu top-level domain name.
    .... full story


  • Internet Domain Name Valuation Service
    Here at last is the opportunity to obtain an appraisal of those domain names.
    .... full story


  • WIPO sets up official channel for domain name disputes
    The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) will this week intercede for the first time in a case of domain name 'cybersquatting'.
    .... full story


  • Play the Domain Name Game
    What do,,, and have in common? Each of these Internet domain names is for sale--for at least a million bucks
    .... full story

  • Domain name set to fetch a million
    One of the most sought after domain names on the Internet is up for sale with an asking price of at least £1.1 million
    .... full story

  • Injunction Spells Out Domain Name Hazards
    The result of failing to deal with a legal attack from ebusiness has led to an injunction in a California court with a ten thousand dollar a day fine for non-observance
    .... full story


  • First domain dispute goes to WIPO
    The alleged "cybersquatting" case is filed a day after new rules aimed at curbing the abuse of trademarks on the Internet took effect.
    .... full story


  • The $7.5 million domain
    eCompanies shells out the big bucks for Can top the $10 million mark?
    .... full story

  • ICANN Seeks Volunteers for Task Group
    The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers this week put out the call for motivated voluntary members of ICANN's new Membership Implementation Task Force.
    .... full story


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