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Domain Name News Archive - January 2001

  • Will ICANN Dump At-Large Membership?
    One of the shining moments in ICANN's history was the election of at-large board directors in a worldwide election last year.
    .... full story

  • Fish4 wins case for domain names
    Fish4, the online car, home and jobs directory has reached an out of court settlement with Goldcare Direct after a dispute regarding the ownership of a number of domain names.
    .... full story


  • NHL To Score Canadian Domain As Name-Saving Deadline Nears
    At the National Hockey League, they're familiar with the excitement of the big save in overtime. Off the ice, it looks like the league will just barely beat the clock to reclaim the Canadian version of its Internet domain name.
    .... full story


  • New domain names will help make room for start-ups
    Boulder entrepreneur David Chuang came up with a catchy name for his Internet start-up, but ran into a problem when he tried to register it as a dot-com.
    .... full story


  • Former exec swoops on BBC domain names
    The BBC has been caught napping by a former employee who contacted to reveal he had registered six crucial BBC domain names.
    .... full story

  • BBC 'unperturbed' by unregistered domain names
    The BBC has said it is unperturbed by the number of crucial domain names it has not yet registered.
    .... full story

  • eToy Eyes eToys Domain As Retailer Struggles With Debt
    As online toy store eToys Inc. [NASDAQ:ETYS] struggles to pay its bills, a Swiss online artist cooperative is turning to a US court in a bid to take the retailer's Internet address and quash its trademarked name.
    .... full story


  • BBC in domain name buying frenzy
    The BBC has registered 3,000 domain names - a landmark figure that according to experts must have cost the corporation more than half a million pounds
    .... full story

  • Microsoft Takes Blame for Domain Name Troubles
    Microsoft said late Wednesday that it was to blame for a fault that resulted in many of its Web sites being inaccessible to millions of users for almost 24 hours.
    .... full story


  • Last Call For Canada's Missing-In-Action Domain Owners
    Organizations that once registered some of the 41,000 domain names still not claimed under a new regime for meting out Canadian Internet addresses have until Feb. 1 to speak up.
    .... full story

  • Verisign Outlines Plans To Expand Multilingual Domain Names
    Verisign [NASDAQ:VRSN] has announced plans to extend the language functionality of its multilingual domain name testbed.
    .... full story

  • VeriSign assigns IP addresses to test multilingual domain names
    The company in charge of maintaining the database of Internet domain names announced yesterday that it has begun a test of assigned IP addresses to non-English domain names.
    .... full story

  • New ICANN Chief Pledges to Build Consensus
    The new head of the Internet's naming body said on Wednesday that his main goal will be to build consensus for policy decisions by involving Internet users worldwide.
    .... full story


  • ICANN Elects New President
    The powerful and controversial Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) today said it has elected a replacement for outgoing President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Roberts.
    .... full story


  • Volkswagen wins domain name
    A federal appeals court has upheld Volkswagen's right to the domain name "," which was first registered by an Internet service provider named Virtual Works.
    .... full story


  • Tide turns in favour of the domain name raiders
    WHAT do the World Wrestling Federation, Madonna, Woolworths, and Sting all have in common? They have all used the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) to attempt to claim back domain names that they said rightfully belonged to them.
    .... full story


  • ACLU calls for public hearings on new top-level domains
    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and several other groups championing "cyberrights" this week sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Commerce criticizing the planned addition of seven new Internet top-level domains under a November decision by the organization that manages the domain-name system.
    .... full story


  • Civil-rights coalition complains about domains
    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other groups championing "cyber rights" have complained to the U.S. Department of Commerce about a decision on generic top-level domains (TLDs) by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization that governs the Internet domain-name system.
    .... full story

  • Ito-Yokado registers complaint over its name used as internet domain by third party
    The Arbitration Center for Industrial Property in Japan has received a formal complaint against a third party from supermarket giant Ito-Yokado.
    .... full story


  • Net Searchers Issues Multilingual Domain Name Warning
    If you were thinking of registering a domain name on the Japanese or Chinese generic top level domain (gTLD) systems, then be very careful, warns Net Searchers, as there are a number of bad scenarios that may result.
    .... full story

  • Big East sues over Web domain name
    The Big East Conference has filed a federal lawsuit to seize the domain name after pornography was posted on the Web site.
    .... full story

  • ICANN Dispute Resolution and Names
    The ICANN procedure has hit the headlines again due to the efforts of high profile individuals without registered trade marks such as “Julia Roberts” to reclaim their names when registered by third parties in the .com, .net or .org domains. The press has suggested that the ICANN procedure is being used to create a new personality right and that in the United Kingdom this is a radical step forward.
    .... full story


  • Ralph Lauren backs down on domain
    Ralph Lauren, the international fashion designer, has backed down on its domain name claim against a U.K. saddlery center owner who registered the domain.
    .... full story

  • Embattled ICANN may chase Pacific lead role
    The chief executive of the U.S.-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) hinted Monday it wanted a lead role in assigning Chinese language domain names, despite facing increasing industry scrutiny concerning how it runs its business.
    .... full story


  • Seoul is the capital city for domain names
    For the second consecutive year, Seoul has retained its number one position as the global city with the highest number of Internet domain names.
    .... full story

  • Congress to hold ICANN hearing in February
    Congress appears, again, to be turning its attention toward the powerful Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), as the chairman of a powerful congressional committee announced his intention to hold an ICANN hearing in February.
    .... full story

  • ICANN legal pay-off avoids scrutiny
    ICANN has neatly sidestepped scrutiny from its newly elected at-large board members in authorising a payment approaching half a million dollar dollars to its law firm. ICANN is deeply in debt to the firm, Jones Day Reavis and Pogue, which could pull the plug on the quango if it called in the debts.
    .... full story


  • Unsanctioned domains could sow confusion, anarchy on Net
    The Internet, too, has its breakaway republics, cybercolonies that resist the status quo by assigning themselves unsanctioned domain names.
    .... full story


  • Domain Losers Take Fight to Congress
    A batch of newly authorized Internet addresses has triggered a lobbying blitz on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers appear poised to launch hearings into whether the regulatory body that approved .info, .biz and five other suffixes acted fairly.
    .... full story

  • Dot-PS: Domain Without a Country
    Curfews, fighting and economic embargoes -- all part of the Palestinian struggle for statehood -- have delayed the implementation of their "state" on the Internet, the dot-ps top level domain.
    .... full story

  • Ralph Lauren Backs Down On Domain
    Ralph Lauren, the international fashion designer, has backed down on its domain name claim against a UK saddlery center owner who registered the domain.
    .... full story


  • Liz Hurley sues over domain name
    UK-based domain name registrar has been slapped with a lawsuit demanding over £6m in damages for allowing the registration of the domain name, and in return has given the actress the full celebrity treatment to make amends.
    .... full story

  • First protest filed on a non-English domain name
    A major Japanese pharmaceutical company has filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization what is believed to be the first dispute regarding a non-English-character domain name.
    .... full story


  • Banks Square Off Over Internet Domain Names
    The bouts pit pugilists like One Sex Entertainment Co. against National Football League Properties Inc.; Red or Dead Limited vs. Kid Pty Ltd.; and Madonna Ciccone vs. Dan Parisi and "". But they also include a swarm of global financial players such as New York-based Chase Manhattan Corp. (now, incidentally, on its way to becoming J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.) vs. Jehovah Technologies Pte Ltd.
    .... full story

  • Resellers to make a killing on '3G' domain names
    The third-generation (3G) mobile licence auctions, which took place during the summer of last year, are set to spark another domain name land grab for URL's featuring '3G' or 'third generation'.
    .... full story

  • Japanese complaint set to open floodgates for domain-name disputes
    The first Asian-script internet domain-name case has been sent to the UN's cybersquatting arbitration unit.
    .... full story


  • A domain by any other name
    Trying to find some details online about the latest hot film? It may be a more convoluted search than you expect
    .... full story


  • Phony lotteries, domain name extortion may be the latest Internet con
    DON'T BELIEVE everything you read. And when it comes to the Internet, don't believe anything you read until you're sure it's not another con job. Recent Internet scams reported by readers follow many of the same patterns we've seen before. There's still any number of "forward this e-mail and win something fabulous" messages floating around, and lots of phony contents and surveys to help spammers refresh their address lists. Even some of the new ideas aren't really new.
    .... full story


  • NBA marketer loses domain name bid
    The merchandising company for the National Basketball Association has lost its bid to take control of the domain name
    .... full story


  • More than a domain master
    Network Solutions to expand services in attempt to become e-commerce empire
    .... full story

  • New Web domains will be a boon to recruiting
    Dot-com (.com) -- it's been the main domain of the Internet, at least in the US, since the advent of the World Wide Web. Sure there are others, including dot-org (.org), dot-edu (.edu), dot-gov (.gov), and dot-net (.net), but the most widely known domain is the one that designates commercial organizations. Indeed, over 20 million dot-com sites have been registered, and finding an unclaimed name has become increasingly difficult
    .... full story


  • New domains "poorly chosen" say tech authors
    Domain name governing body Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) continues to be under fire for the new top-level domain names it approved last month.
    .... full story


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