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Domain Name News Archive - August 2002

  • OFT Stops Sale of Doddgy Domain Names
    In the first case of its kind the OFT has stopped two companies from publishing misleading advertisements for website domain names that are difficult to view on the world wide web. The OFT worked alongside the US Federal Trade Commission on this case.
    Quantum Management Ltd and TLD Network Ltd, based in London, were advertising and selling domain names with suffixes such as .brit, .usa, .scot and .sex to UK and US consumers. Most domain name suffixes such as .com, .net or .uk can be accessed by all internet users. However, the domain names offered by the two companies can only be accessed through alternative networks and will not be found by a normal search function without a modified web browser
    .... full story

  • Domain scam merchants get legs sucked by toothless OFT
    The Office of Fair Trading has given a stern rebuke to the owners of companies that offered false domain names for $59 - and inadvertently given the green light to hundreds more Internet fraudsters
    .... full story


  • I'll see your domain name in Court!
    Two little-noticed and otherwise unremarkable decisions from the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, decided on 23 August 2002, now affirm a principle that is perhaps worrying for those 20 million or so .com domain name registrants who live outside the USA
    .... full story


  • ISOC says will not see any .org Revenue
    The Internet Society yesterday said that, should it be selected to run the .org domain name registry, no revenue from name registrations will make it to its own coffers. The international non-profit, which promotes internet use in society, said a separate legal entity, the Public Interest Registry will get the money
    .... full story


  • Name grabbers working domain scam
    Internet name holders are being warned to watch out for a scam which could see them unsuspectingly switch their domain name registrar
    .... full story


  • Ford settles with entrepreneur over domain names
    Ford Motor Co. and a local entrepreneur have reached a settlement over two Internet domain names - and
    .... full story


  • Nominet UK in climb-down over WHOIS data
    Nominet UK - the national registry for .uk domain names - has been forced into a U-turn over plans to publish personal details of UK domain name holders on its WHOIS database
    .... full story


  • Spielberg threatens legal action in domain name dispute
    The director of ET, Minority Report and Jaws has threatened a small internet design firm in India with legal action for registering the site, because of its similarity to the name of Speilberg's production company, Dream Works
    .... full story

  • Starbucks domain excuse takes the biscuit
    International coffee chain Starbucks has won a domain dispute under UK naming authority Nominet's dispute resolution service (DRS).
    .... full story

  • Domain seller ING under administration
    There is a good reason why notorious domain name reseller ING hasn't been answering its phones this week. On Monday the company was placed under the administration of Melbourne-based chartered accountants Brooke Bird
    .... full story

  • Ford Settles Domain Name Lawsuit
    Ford Motor Co. and a local entrepreneur have reached a settlement over two Internet domain names and
    .... full story


  • ISOC set to triumph in race for .org domain
    The Internet Society has been recommended by the Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers to replace VeriSign Inc as the manager of the .org top-level internet domain
    .... full story


  • Top candidate named for .org
    The Internet's governing body has recommended that the Virginia-based Internet Society (ISOC) take over the .org domain
    .... full story

  • Air companies to fly with .aero domain
    International airlines, airports and major aerospace companies are flocking to sign up for a new master Internet domain created to provide a haven for the civil aviation industry, the company managing it said on Tuesday
    .... full story

  • No reply and no one at home at domain names group's HQ
    Companies and web masters that assigned long-term management rights of Internet domain names to Internet Name Group (ING) will be reading the fine print on their contracts this week
    .... full story

  • Scooby-Doo domain decision appealed
    Hanna Barbera has appealed against the Nominet Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) decision Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc -v- Graeme Hay (see: Zoiks! Scooby-Doo domain dispute decided - 23rd July, 2002) which it lost last month
    .... full story


  • Domain Name Case Moves to Appeal Stage
    In what could be a landmark case in Internet law, the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco last week heard arguments over whether VeriSign Inc. can be sued for damages for transferring a domain name to a person who forged a letter authorizing the change
    .... full story

  • Mastering Your Web Domains
    Registering and protecting hundreds of corporate Web domains is a hassle. So some IT managers are drawing the line
    .... full story

  • FTSE "falls" in domain dispute
    The Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange were given a slap on the wrist after a WIPO panellist ruled that they had not provided "one iota of evidence" that the registrant of had taken the domain name in bad faith
    .... full story


  • More '.cn' to be Seen in Domain Name
    The number of Chinese-based domain names with the ".cn" suffix is expected to climb enormously in the near future after the Ministry of Information Technology eases its rules at the end of next month
    .... full story


  • Registrars rally behind ICANN
    Forty-four accredited registrars signed a letter Friday supporting the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), amid mounting criticism over the Internet naming body's operations and tactics
    .... full story

  • Ad watchdog critical of Domain Registry of Europe
    The Advertising watchdog has slammed Domain Registry of Europe (DRoE) for misleading consumers over its mailshots that "look like bills".
    .... full story

  • auDA withdraws domain from auction winner
    auDA last week said it would withdraw the name from the person who won it in the authority's online auction
    .... full story


  • Startup fends off Sun in domain dispute
    Sun Microsystems has failed in its bid to wrest control of the domain from small UK start-up Esun Limited using the STOP proceedings
    .... full story

  • The Sequel
    A group of former employees, led by President Carl Prindle, purchased the domain name and intellectual property last October for $1 million. Prindle and company quickly partnered with Woodbury, N.Y.-based Seamans Furniture and Boca Raton, Fla.-based Levitz Furniture
    .... full story

  • Online Travel Corp seeks sales boost through new domain
    Online Travel Corporation, the internet travel retailer and technology supplier to third parties, is looking to increase its own site's contribution to sales with this week's launch of a new domain,
    .... full story

  • Domain name registrars urged to maintain standards
    Internetters and KMP Internet are hoping that an industry-wide code of practice will be introduced to encourage better standards among domain name registrars
    .... full story


  • case turning dirty
    Although it's an arcane case about property rights in the digital age, the saga has all the trappings of a juicy pulp fiction novel: a fugitive on the lam in Mexico, would-be bounty hunters and porn
    .... full story

  • Can ICANN?
    Internet Group That Governs Web Names Comes Under Fire
    .... full story


  • The Open Group's CEO defends domain-name dispute, calls for more openness
    Allen Brown, president and CEO of The Open Group defends his organization's recent attempts to gain control of some Unix-related domain names by saying companies that license the UNIX trademark from The Open Group need that trademark to maintain its value
    .... full story

  • Five Reasons The Web Matters More Than Ever
    From Jan 2001 to Jan 2002, about 38 million new domain names were added, about 35% annual growth rate
    .... full story


  • VeriSign playing by the rules
    Domain name company VeriSign needs to keep better records of some transactions, but appears to be complying with rules that require it to share its database with other companies that sell Web addresses, according to an auditor's report.
    .... full story


  • Domain names bounce back
    After a long decline, with VeriSign losing more than 4 million names since the beginning of this year alone, the number of domain names is on the rise once more
    .... full story

  • VeriSign settles slamming charge with BulkRegister
    BulkRegister Inc and VeriSign Inc said yesterday they have settled a false advertising lawsuit that helped spark a US Federal Trade Commission investigation into a VeriSign marketing campaign that ended in May
    .... full story


  • Domain names bounce back
    The number of domain names increased in July, reversing a nearly yearlong decline
    .... full story

  • FTC probes VeriSign over slamming claims
    The US Federal Trade Commission is investigating a recent VeriSign Inc domain name marketing campaign, following allegations from competitors that it constituted deceptive business practices, a spokesperson for the company confirmed yesterday
    .... full story


  • Lord of my domain
    Do you remember when Leo Blair was born? Diana George certainly does, because within minutes of the baby's name being made public in May 2000, she snapped up the Web domains and, spending 31 in the process, in the expectation that she was on to something big that someone would want to bid hundreds, thousands of pounds maybe, to buy them
    .... full story


  • VeriSign gets European backing in ICANN reform fight
    A coalition of international top-level internet domain name registries yesterday called on the US Department of Commerce to ensure the Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers is reformed into a "lightweight" body with no regulatory power on new services and pricing
    .... full story

  • Domain name dispute resolution service
    auDA has put in place a Dispute Resolution Policy to sort out domain name disputes arising under the .au top-level domain
    .... full story


  • Applicants for New Dot-Org Domain Controller Under Review
    The "dot-org" Internet domain, operated for years by Internet addressing giant VeriSign Inc., will find out who its new landlord will be in late September, before VeriSign relinquishes its hold on the domain at the end of the year
    .... full story

  • ISP pulls dodgy domain reseller's site
    Domain Verification Bureau's website pulled, as ISP responds to complaints
    .... full story


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