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Domain Name News Archive - October 2002

  • ICANN drops directly elected board seats
    The group that oversees Internet addresses finalized changes Thursday that end direct elections to its board of directors a move critics complain could make the group indifferent to ordinary users and hurt innovation
    .... full story

  • ICANN ends Shanghai meetings by passing reforms
    Reforms and changes are coming to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the nonprofit group that runs the Internet's Domain Name System
    .... full story

  • Country bodies threaten ICANN walkout
    Spokespeople for the organizations that run country-code top-level internet domains (ccTLDs) threatened this week that they could take their leave of ICANN, the international body that has been trying to woo them for four years
    .... full story

  • Web Domain Body Approves Controversial Reform Plan
    Directors of a key Internet oversight body voted on Thursday to abandon the online elections that were originally supposed to seat half of its board, opting instead to select leadership through an appointment process
    .... full story

  • Country domain rebellion - storm in teacup?
    While the newswires have been buzzing with stories from Shanghai reporting a potential challenge to ICANN's position by a consortium of ccTLD operators (see: A new threat to ICANN authority? - 30th October, 2002), Demys' latest information indicates that the supposed threat is merely a storm in a teacup
    .... full story

  • National domain names challenge ICANN
    Frustrated by their lack of clout, international Internet administrators are weighing whether to mount a challenge to the controversial body that oversees the Internet’s traffic system
    .... full story


  • China opens up .cn domain
    The .cn domain will be available to businesses outside China for the first time this winter, as part of a liberal new policy
    .... full story

  • Domain authority to change hands
    A new agency will take over the administration and registration of Thai Internet domains, the ``.th'' addresses used for Thailand
    .... full story

  • Some Say ICANN Loses Legitimacy
    The board of directors at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) certainly created a contentious air at its semi-annual meeting, deciding to phase out five of its publicly-elected director spots Wednesday
    .... full story

  • A new threat to ICANN authority?
    The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is facing a potential challenge to its position as the body that runs the Internet's Domain Name System
    .... full story


  • Who will run the .eu domain names?
    EU searching for nonprofit company to register its web addresses
    .... full story

  • Critics Craft a Plan to Challenge ICANN's Authority
    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the nonprofit group that runs the Internet's Domain Name System, might be challenged next year for some of its administrative power by a group of dissatisfied top-level domain holders who feel ICANN holds too much sway
    .... full story


  • ICANN dumps critic
    The Internet’s governing body, ICANN, has responded dramatically to criticisms from one of its board members Karl Auerbach. Fellow board members on Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers sacked him – and followed up by abolishing his seat and those of four other publicly elected officials
    .... full story

  • ICANN Targets DDoS Attacks
    In the wake of last week's unprecedented DDoS attack against all 13 of the Internet's root-name servers, the government and ICANN, one of the Internet's main governing bodies, are considering changes to help protect the DNS system against future attacks
    .... full story


  • ICANN's contrarian gets the boot
    Karl Auerbach joined the Internet's key oversight body as a voice of the online public, pledging to transform an organization he considers beholden to vested commercial interests.
    Auerbach got his change all right.
    Fellow board members on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers responded to Auerbach's caustic challenges by eliminating his seat and those of the four other publicly elected directors
    .... full story


  • Cyber-Federalists' Noble Effort to Preserve End-User Voices in ICANN
    Cyber-federalist 15 is hot off the press from Hans Klein. His thoughts are distributed by the Civil Society Democracy Project (CivSoc) and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) joint Internet Democracy Project. No. 15 concerns the Project's (highly optimistic?) attempt to preserve the users' voice in ICANN deliberations via
    .... full story

  • Stanford Cyberlaw Clinic To Defend Domain Name Owners
    Stanford University Law School's Cyberlaw Clinic is expanding its docket to include defending domain name holders in UDRP actions. Certified Stanford Law School students will represent owners whose domain names have been challenged by filing responses before the Administrative Panel appointed to hear the dispute between the parties
    .... full story

  • Domain companies look offshore
    WHILE Melbourne IT is facing revenue erosion and rising costs in Australia's deregulated domain name industry, relative newcomer AusRegistry is talking up aggressive international expansion plans
    .... full story


  • Icann's failings
    "The Internet is a global resource of incalculable value, and nothing is of greater importance to its future than the way in which Icann performs its role as manager of the domain name system." These are not the words of Computer Weekly, or of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) itself, but of Icann Watch, an organisation that exists to monitor the activities of our guardian of Internet naming. Sadly, Icann's performance continues to have more in common with amateur dramatics than Broadway.
    .... full story

  • ASA slams 'intimidating' Domain Registry of Europe mailshots
    The advertising watchdog has ordered the Domain Registry of Europe (DROE) to stop issuing mail shots that 'look like bills'
    .... full story

  • Domain name scams hit the NHS
    Scare tactics warn of 'mystery shoppers'
    Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital Trust has become the latest target of domain name resellers using high-pressure sales tactics to dupe organisations into buying extra online addresses at premium prices
    .... full story


  • AT&T lose domain battle
    Telecommunications giant AT&T has lost a domain name dispute complaint which it brought before the World Intellectual Property Organization
    .... full story

  • Attack on domain name servers fails
    An attempt to cripple the computers that serve as the address books for the Internet failed on Monday
    .... full story


  • ICANN Intrigues - The Jonathan Cohen Interview - part 2
    In the second of our three part interview with ICANN Director Jonathan Cohen, Mr Cohen deals with issues of trust between ICANN and the country code operators. He also reveals the guarantees sought from China regarding freedom of delegates at the forthcoming ICANN meeting in Shanghai and comments on the thorny problem of At Large representation
    .... full story


  • FTC forces spammer to refund domain fees
    The United States' Federal Trade Commission has forced a British entrepreneur who sold domain names that did not work to repay his proceeds to his victims
    .... full story


  • Inside ICANN - The Jonathan Cohen Interview - part 1
    In the first of this three part interview with Jonathan Cohen, Director of ICANN and leading IP lawyer, Mr Cohen reveals what it's like to be a board member of the not-for-profit organisation that co-ordinates policy for the Internet domain name and addressing system
    .... full story

  • ACCC warning to domain name resellers
    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has warned domain name resellers against misleading and deceptive conduct
    .... full story


  • Preparing for the introduction of the new .EU domain name
    2003 will potentially see the largest new domain name registration process to date, with the launch of the .eu suffix
    .... full story


  • Internet Society chosen to run .org domain registry
    THE BOARD OF directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Monday tapped the Internet Society (ISoc) to operate the .org domain registry beginning Jan. 1
    .... full story


  • domain dispute continues
    The controversy over shows no signs of ending soon, with owner Tommy Butler sacking his legal advisers
    .... full story


  • UK Domain - - Doomed?
    A subcommittee of Nominet's Policy Advisory Board (PAB) has concluded that the domain should be scrapped, possibly even before Christmas
    .... full story


  • HM The Queen wins domain name dispute
    In an important WIPO domain decision released today, Her Majesty the Queen has been awarded the domain name
    .... full story

  • Court cracks down on URL copycat
    An anti-abortion activist will face contempt of court charges Wednesday for registering domain names similar to those owned by the Washington Post Co
    .... full story


  • Beanies bargain site wins domain dispute
    In the battle over a Beanie Babies domain, the bargain sellers have come out on top
    .... full story

  • Gold rush days are over for generic domain names
    The auction of 1,600 generic Australian domain names which concluded last week netted an average price of just $1,625 each, a far cry from the hundreds of thousands of dollars shelled out for Australian domain names a few years ago
    .... full story

  • OFT eyes domain name bullies
    The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is pushing forward its investigations into the selling tactics of domain name reseller Anet
    .... full story


  • `.ko’ Domain Suggested for Unified Korea
    Rep. Lee Jong-kul, a lawmaker of the New Millennium Democratic Party (MDP), yesterday proposed the creation of ``.ko’’ as a single Internet domain suffix for a united Korea in the future
    .... full story


  • Irish domain registry suspends CEO
    Tensions between the board of Ireland's .ie domain registry and its chief executive came to a head on Wednesday, culminating in the suspension of CEO Mike Fagan
    .... full story


  • First .uk reverse domain name hijacking decision
    In a decision released today (Cardpoint plc -v- Riga Industries), the UK domain name authority Nominet has upheld a claim of reverse domain name hijacking under its Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) - the UK equivalent of the UDRP - for the first time
    .... full story

  • Domain Name Theft, Fraud And Regulations
    Prof. Rod Dixon, author of Cyberlaw and Internet, has an article at CircleID discussing Domain Name Theft, Fraud And Regulations
    .... full story


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