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Domain Name News Archive - January 2003

  • A punter's guide to keeping hold of your domain
    Here is a quick guide that will hugely reduce the chances that your domain will be snapped up by someone else
    .... full story


  • Post-dating trademarks can't support domain claim
    In no less than three separate reported domain name disputes under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), decided within a day of each other, the complainant has been unsuccessful because in each case it relied upon a trademark which came into existence after the registration of the domain name
    .... full story


  • Domain name resellers shut up shop
    A number of domain name resellers criticised for their sales tactics are to cease trading, according to Trading Standards
    .... full story


  • New regulations for ‘.gr’ domain name
    The Greek National Telecommunications Council has announced new regulations for the management of websites with URLs ending in ‘.gr’
    .... full story


  • Slovak IPs want to administer ‘.sk’ domain registration
    The Slovak Association of Internet Providers (API) has complained to the worldwide internet domain authority, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), over its January re-assignment of ‘.sk’ domain administration to Euroweb
    .... full story

  • Multilingual domain names gaining traction in Asia
    Multilingual domain names and keywords are becoming an increasingly popular way for Asian Internet users in several countries to find what they are looking for online, according to statistics presented at a conference here Wednesday by some of the companies providing such services
    .... full story

  • Domain name sellers get exotic
    If the domain name you want is taken there are alternatives to or .com - but be aware of the risks
    .... full story


  • University loses domain name case
    The University of Wisconsin has lost a UDRP dispute relating to eight domains closely corresponding with the abbreviated names of its various campuses. While the case again shows that evidence is key to a successful UDRP dispute, the Panellist also made useful suggestions of what might be required to show rights in a name if registered trade marks rights do not exist
    .... full story


  • Nominet intros new domain moving rules
    Nominet UK - the national registry for all domain names ending .uk - has introduced new rules designed to give greater protection to domain name owners
    .... full story


  • Michael Douglas wins domain name
    Michael Douglas - son of veteran actor Kirk Douglas - and made famous by his starring roles in such films as "Wall Street", "Traffic" and "Romancing the Stone" has won a domain name case against a registrant who appeared to share his name with a number of famous celebrities
    .... full story

  • US Firm Buys Domain of Anti-US Civic Group
    An Internet domain of a local civic group calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops in South Korea has been taken over by an American company based in Hong Kong, causing speculation over the motives behind the takeover
    .... full story


    • Sex.Com Announces Partial Victory in Domain Name Property Dispute; Federal Appeals Court Looks to California State Supreme Court
      With signs pointing towards a win for Sex.Com, the Ninth U.S. Circuit of Appeals in San Francisco has asked the state Supreme Court, the final authority on California Law, to intervene and decide whether a domain name is property that can be converted as well as guidance to assess damages that might amount to $100 million
      .... full story


    • Domain glitch halts sites
      A ROUTER outage at domain name gatekeeper AusRegistry rendered some of Australia's state government websites unavailable for most of Wednesday.
      .... full story


    • VeriSign Moves to Internationalize Domain Names
      VeriSign (Quote, Company Info) is taking steps to offer new services that will enable Internet users globally to navigate the Web in a variety of different languages
      .... full story

    • Microsoft Gains Control of Windows Domain
      A Dutch computer enthusiast surrendered the domain name to Microsoft after the Redmond, Washington, software maker threatened to take legal action
      .... full story


    • Domain names slow VeriSign
      ONLINE transaction security firm VeriSign has learned a hard lesson: Gold mines lose much of their lustre after a gold rush
      .... full story


    • Govt. enters ‘domain’ of promoting Bermuda
      Government will soon be seeking ideas to help promote Bermuda’s “.bm.” domain internationally
      .... full story

    • Australians still opting for local domain name
      ZDNet reports that the number of registered domain names rose steadily during the second half of 2002
      .... full story

    • Battle for SA domain caught in a legal web
      GOVERNMENT's battle for control of the internet domain appears doomed to failure as a result of a precedent-setting ruling that a country's name is not a trademark that a government has the right to own
      .... full story


    • VeriSign splits off domain registrar
      It's back to the future for Network Solutions
      .... full story

    • Energy firm offloads domain name management
      Energy pipeline company National Grid Transco has outsourced the management of its domain names to prevent cyber-squatting and improve efficiency
      .... full story


    • VeriSign Dispute Over Sex.Com Sent to State Court (Update1)
      A federal appeals court asked California's high court to resolve questions about the Sex.Com domain name in a dispute over whether VeriSign Inc.'s Network Solutions must pay as much as $65 million for improperly transferring the address
      .... full story

    • PIR Takes Over .Org Domain
      The Public Interest Registry (PIR) assumed control Jan. 1 of the .org top-level domain registry from VeriSign Global Registry Services (Quote, Company Info) to begin the largest transfer of data from one registry to another in the history of the Internet
      .... full story

    • 'Biz' domain name operators agree to refund application fees
      Operators of the ".biz" domain name have agreed to refund the "nonrefundable" application fees it had collected as part of the initial awarding of names in 2001
      .... full story


    • NeuLevel Settles Internet Domain
      One company that aimed to offer an alternative domain naming services has settled a class-action suit for roughly $1.2 million. NeuLevel Inc. is said to have operated an "illegal lottery" in distributing .biz domain addresses
      .... full story


    • Slams Domain-Name Slammer
      This week in U.S. District Court, won an injunction against Domain Registry of America, which it accused of hoodwinking its customers into switching their domain-name registrations
      .... full story
      Editor's Note: Some of our customers have also been victim of this company and have filed the appropriate complaints against them. See below from the above article:
      The deceptive marketing case wasn't the first such allegation the Domain Registry of America has been accused of, according to presiding Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, who noted the concern's executives had been previously convicted of various unlawful activities, and went on to state that the company's deceptive tactics were "neither accidental nor innocuous, but calculated and intended to confuse and mislead consumers."
    • Domain Madness
      Currently the words file lists the words in Webster's Second International, who's 1937 copyright has expired. Oddly enough, the result is that 63% of the words are NOT registered names!!
      .... full story


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