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Domain Name News Archive - August 2004

  • VeriSign sues ICANN in state court
    VeriSign made good on a promise and took to state court its crusade against the organization that oversees the Net
    .... full story
  • Boot's on the other foot for royal wellie maker
    Henry Maxwell, bootmakers to the British Royal Family, recently lost their domain name after they forgot to renew it, allowing it to be swept up and re-registered by a Swiss registrant who now uses the domain as a porn site
    .... full story
  • Top 10 tips for choosing a business domain name
    Choose a reputable domain name supplier. A company which has been around a while and is well known is a good bet
    .... full story


  • High school team's Web site becomes porn domain
    Instead of stats and play-by-plays of the Vikings, Internet surfers are seeing pictures of naked women - posted after the Touchdown Club unknowingly let the domain name lapse
    .... full story
  • Wolfe Cries Foul Over Domain Name
    One local Democratic candidate is crying "foul" over an internet domain name game
    .... full story


  • Spike Lee wins cybersquatting case
    U.S. movie director Spike Lee has won his cybersquatting case against a Philippines-based operator who misused the domain name to redirect surfers to a pornographic website, arbitrators have ruled
    .... full story
  • VeriSign's antitrust suit against ICANN dismissed
    Internet domain name registry VeriSign just can't seem to convince anyone that redirecting misspelled Web addresses to its own site is a good thing
    .... full story


  • Court Dismisses VeriSign's Case Against ICANN
    A federal judge on Thursday dismissed VeriSign's antitrust lawsuit challenging the authority of the Internet's main oversight body
    .... full story
  • Utah man buys domain names in Bush push
    Type into your computer and you'll get a surprise: the re-election website of President Bush, a Republican
    .... full story


  • domain sells for $2.75 Million
    Recent multi-million dollar domain name sales are further proof that the Internet business is back to levels only seen in 1999 and 2000
    .... full story
  • True Meaning of Themed Sites & The Level of Importance in the Ranking Algorithms
    One such theory we discussed was the concept of "themed sites" and how you need a site within a specific theme to stay within that theme in order to rank above your competitors (keeping every other variable as equal). So people were taking the extreme action of buying a new domain name for each theme. Then only having information about that theme on that new domain
    .... full story


  • Domain Names Still Important Despite Search Engine Popularity
    A common belief is that search engines like Google make specific web addresses, that is, Internet domain names, relatively unimportant. “That is not true,” asserts psychologist Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D. “As in other areas of branding, names are everything, and memorable names on the Internet are more important than ever before.”
    .... full story


  • History of gTLD domain name growth
    .INFO and .BIZ peaked in September 2003 (approximately two years after their roll-outs). .COM has recovered and is at an all-time high in registrations
    .... full story


  • Domain Name Geography: Mexico Loses Fight over
    In this regard, the panel seems to have been caught up in the formality of the legal government entity chosen by the Mexican government to pursue this domain name and failed to appreciate that the Mexican government, as a whole, was around long before the disputed domain name was registered
    .... full story


  • Generic Names - Great for Link Building - Hard for Ranking
    A thread over at HighRankings inspired this post. The thread was about how a company's name is very generic, in this case the company name...
    .... full story


  • Want .gov? That'll be $125
    State and local governments must now pay before taking advantage of a year-old General Services Administration decision to loosen the federal government's exclusive hold on the .gov domain name
    .... full story

  • Firms warned about website domain scam
    BUSINESSES in Northamptonshire are being warned to be on their guard about a website scam targeting local firms
    .... full story


  • Domain name and shame
    The web's plethora of domain extensions can lead to embarrassment
    .... full story


  • Words More Valuable Than Characters?
    The secret to a valuable domain name just became a little clearer, as Zetetic releases the findings of their July 2004 secondary domain name market research. Zetetic finds that domain names with fewer words are more valuable than those with fewer characters
    .... full story
  • Finding Newly Registered Domain Names
    A thread at WebmasterWorld named Psychic Google? discusses Google's physic ability to locate newly registered domain names soon after they are registered
    .... full story


  • Woods looking to reclaim his domain
    Tiger Woods stared down the fairway on the 569-yard 16th hole at Whistling Straits, with Lake Michigan looming large on the left
    .... full story
  • Pennsylvania Bank wins lawsuit over ""
    After a three-year battle, a federal judge has ruled that a Korean company's registration of the domain name was done in bad faith and that it must immediately transfer the site name to Pennsylvania Business Bank, which purchased the rights to the trademark BizBank
    .... full story


  • One of the Last Great Domain Names Up for Sale
    The domain name will go to auction next week after being undeveloped for 12 years. The owners have decided to sell the name via public online auction on, the top player in domain name sales
    The name, valued by at over $1 million, is expected to generate intense interest from: retailers and manufacturers of compact discs; general market and music ecommerce merchants; financial institutions; the recording industry, and the bourgeoning legal music downloading services
    .... full story
  • Federal judge rules against gay activist's Web site using Falwell's name
    A judge has ruled that a gay activist must stop using a variation of the Rev. Jerry Falwell's name in the address for a Web site critical of the conservative television evangelist
    .... full story


  • Penguin backs down on
    Penguin Putnam’s decision to rename one of its best-selling books could mean that one of the Net’s oddest domain name battles may be drawing to a close
    .... full story
  • Oops! Did Microcell forget to pay its domain name fees?
    Users were unable to access the Fido Web site for several hours Monday because Microcell Communications may have failed to renew the domain name, a registrar said
    .... full story


  • Penguin sticks head in the sand
    The US publishers of a harrowing real-life tale about Net-related child abuse are refusing to admit they cocked up after naming the book after a Web site owned by a British woman
    Kate Jones wants the book's publishers, Dutton (a division of the massive Penguin empire) to change the title of the book so she can regain control of her domain.
    No one at Dutton in New York was available for comment. The book's publicist, Kathleen, slammed the phone down twice when The Register called. Her PA hung up once....
    this is corporate cyberterrorism, corporate cybertheft if you like, and it's as repugnant as an any malicious attack on a Web site
    .... full story


  • Warning about domain name registration
    Nominet UK, the .uk Internet registry, is warning website domain name holders to be aware of invoices being distributed by an organisation called "Domain Registry Services."
    .... full story
  • Critic Sites Are Not Commercial
    Uzi Nissan happened to own the domain name, which he used to run his own computing business
    the Court of Appeals today ruled that sites critical of a company are not engaged in "commercial speech", meaning that any site designed to criticize the actions of a company may not be violating that company's trademark
    .... full story


  • Penguin and the great hijack
    Most recently an entire TV show called "" aired in the US.
    There is only one snag however - the actual Internet domain "" is owned by a completely different Katie - Katie Jones, and she lives in the UK. Katie is furious over what she sees as the hijacking of her domain name - bought for her in 1996 by her husband
    .... full story


  • Indian domain names should end with .in: Maran
    Communications and IT Minister Dayanidhi Maran has some advice for patriotic Indian netizens -- use .in or at the end of domain names of Websites and e-mail IDs to popularise Indian identity in the world
    .... full story


  • RegistryPro Opens 'Second-Level' .Pro Domain Name Registrations
    Qualified professionals and their organizations may now register "second-level" .Pro Internet domain names that provide simpler, more direct Internet addresses for doctors, lawyers and accountants. RegistryPro, the .Pro registry operator, today said it has received approval of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to begin offering second-level .Pro domain names immediately
    .... full story
  • Domain Name Dilemma: Do Dashes Or Underscores Goose Google Rankings More?
    The debate rages. Some swear dashes in domain names send rankings soaring
    .... full story


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